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Kahn Design

Kahn Design is a name most well known for being at the forefront of automotive design and quality when it comes to the bespoke building of Land Rovers, Range Rovers, and other quality marques. Here at SVM we work on a daily basis with expensive, high-performance and rare vehicles putting us in a unique position to be able to offer quality conversions in-house.


The Kahn creative team, including Product Designers, 3D Modellers, Clay Sculptors, Graphic Artists and Technical Engineers, spend thousands of hours developing and refining Afzal Kahn's concepts to the point of perfection. Every product is designed to make a statement in itself, while perfectly integrating with a vehicle's existing aesthetics. 

If you own a standard Range or Land Rover and would like to have a full 'Kahn' conversion fitted then please get in touch today and we shall get back to you with a complete price on fitment.




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