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Laser Geometry Alignment

We offer Laser Geometry Alignment with our 8x Camera Ravagilioli unit as used by such OEM's as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche to name but a few. It is one of the best machines in the market and ensures that when we align your vehicle it is lined up exactly as you'd like.


This job is also not to be confused with tracking (which simply adjusts the 'track' of the vehicle) as our unit will allow us to adjust Camber, Track and Caster (if your vehicle has the option to adjust them). We charge £65.00 P/H (+VAT) for this alignment and providing your vehicle does not have any seized adjustment bolts it should only take between 1 - 2 hours to complete and the car will drive excellent afterwards.

We work on many different vehicles with our Laser Geo tool, we have aligned BMW M3's, Ford Focus RS's from MK1 to MK3, Honda Civic Type R's and many other great performance vehicle right up to super-exclusive's such as the Ford GT Mirage 720 as pictured (1 of only 10).





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