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Vehicle MOT's

Aside from our thousands of SQ FT and ramps dedicated to performance vehicles, Severn Valley Motorsport is also one of the UK's largest MOT centres boasting a total of 6x bays and equipment which covers Motorbikes, 3x Wheelers, Cars, Vans and up to 'Class 7' vehicles (Light Commercial Vehicles) for honest and accurate MOT tests.


Because of this unique feature to our tuning business we can offer MOT's to our performance vehicle customers and we find that a considerable number of modern & performance classics car owners choose to use us when the time comes to MOT their vehicle.


We will MOT your GT-R with due care and attention and ensure it is in a road-going state for only £40.00 (no VAT). If you live in the UK and would like to have your GT-R MOT'd by a professional tuner which is very experienced with these vehicles then get in touch. We MOT GT-R's from standard spec to Stage 5's and beyond.




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