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Audi have a number of high performance vehicles in their range, the top-tier is their 'RS' model as well as the supercar that is the 'R8'. But as with anything, they can always be 'SVM' tuned and improved upon. We offer a collection of 'Performance Packs' for the RS6 (C7) as well as a number of tuning and styling parts. We also offer a number of items for the R8 which will really bring it to life.


performance-packs-audi-rs6-rs7.jpg   audi-rs6-c7-servicing-4.jpg

The R8 model was put into production in 2007 and it was clear immediately that it was a hit, even thought now it is sporting a V10 engine the V8 was a great car. We do however offer a number of tuning and styling enhancements which are the 'cherry-on-top'. We have fitted a considerable amount of exhaust systems for these vehicles and although removing the rear bumper is quite laborious the after effect of hearing your V8 or V10 the way it should sound is definitely worth it. 


If you require any help or advice with both the tuning and modification of your RS6 or R8 then feel free to give us a call on: 01952 583917, or email us at:sales@severnvalleymotorsport.co.uk




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