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The 'RS' series from Ford has always been a fantastic range of performance vehicles and during the 90's - 00's we were one of the biggest tuners for Sierra Cosworths and RS Turbo's with hundreds of 'builds' under our belts, a number of them achieving records. Often we were featured in magazines on a monthly back-to-back basis with the most extreme of conversions. Those who followed SVM back then too will remember our aside these tuned RS's we were also creative enought to build a 550+ HP Ford Transit van (which we equipped with a big spec YB engine) which really did shift. We are a tuner with over 30 years of performance and have a colourful past with fast fords.


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Since the release of the Ford Focus RS MK3 (and the delivery of our 2x development RS models) we've begun using our expertise in tuning to step back into the Ford scene for our absence tuning 1000+ HP Nissan R35 GT-R's and we are proud to offer a range of aftermarket tuning products as well as a collection of performance packs and servicing options for the new RS developed both in-house and by our technical partners.

Uniquely, not only are we able to offer our own tuning solutions, but through our experience in fitting turbo kits and performance parts from the likes of companies like AMS Performance on GT-R's we are also able to offer these too with there products on RS's. We are also fully set up to be able to work on your RS in our 29,000 square foot, 40+ ramp tuning premises where your car can enjoy a range of upgrades, aftermarket wheels, performance exhausts, intake kits, manifolds, turbo kits, etc. We are also able to Service and Laser-Geometry align your vehicle upon request.




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