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Focus RS (Mk3) - Tuning Packs

Working with Cobb over the last 8 years has allowed us to develop into true professionals of the use of their excellent Accessport systems to extract more power from performance vehicles and this is the tuning system of choice for our Severn Valley Motorsport upgrades for the Ford Focus RS (Mk3).


Compared to other performance upgrades which just offer you a 'remap', the use of the Accessport which we provide gives the end user an insight in 'real-time' to the overall health and performance of the vehicle. Although more expensive than just a remap, it is a far superior method of tuning for those who always want to know exactly what is happening inside the heart of their RS and this is exactly why we choose this platform to tune on.


Our Severn Valley Motorsport 'Stage 1' consists of a Cobb Accessport (pre-loaded with 2x SVM Stage 1 tune's - 95RON & Super Unleaded versions) to bring the maximum power output up from 345HP to over 365HP and to push Torque from 475nm to over 505+nm.

What does the 'Stage 1' feel like though? Well, it definitely brings the car to life due to the substantial increase in Torque, Almost 10% more power is developed through the rev range with an increase right at the top of the rev range. Torque is also enhanced considerably by an average of 50 lbft between 2000 - 3000rpm to provide a noticeable increase in acceleration.

SVM Stage 1 Key Benefits

  • Enhanced HP and Torque over US Cobb (OTS) Maps.
  • Revised Ignition & Fueling Maps.
  • Reduced Lag with Improved Throttle Response.
  • Pre-loaded for ease of use.
  • 2x Maps for use with 95 RON & Super Unleaded fuel.
    (though we recommend continual Super Unleaded use)


The Accessport is a powerful & flexible tuning device which enables owners to unlock power from standard factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. The Cobb Accessport as standard for the Ford RS comes pre-loaded with an OTS (Off-The-Shelf) map which unlocks more from the RS's turbocharged 2.3 litre engine.

cobb-accessport.jpgCobb Accessport V3 Features:

  • Large 'full colour' high resolution screen.
  • Customizable multi-gauge display.
  • In-Vehicle Mount (with on/off switch).
  • Data-Logging capability.
  • Custom-Set Shift Light.
  • Code Reader (with clearing).
  • Much more..

    Price (Fitted)
    £660.00 (inc VAT)
    £550.00 (ex VAT)





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