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GT-R - Servicing


The Nissan R35 GT-R is a high performance vehicle which requires regular maintenance to ensure it is always running at it's most efficient. Each customers is different, so although Nissan have a guideline for service schedules, we will always discuss what is the best service options with the customer to suit their requirements.

We have worked on hundreds of Nissan GT-R's since their release and pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a professional service at a competitive rate and because of this we have countless repeat customers who trust is with their vehicles.

Please give us a call on 01952 583917 to discuss our GT-R servicing costs.


We have tried a range of oils for the GT-R but after much consideration we now 'always' use 'Motul' oils in our servicing due to the fact they are 'manufacturer approved' and are of the highest quality. When Nissan themselves also choose to use Motul in their own Nissan GT1 and GT3 racecars too you can be sure it's the right choice.


Also, Severn Valley Motorsport has been unique in that we have been involved directly with Motul to further develop their performance oil in GT-R's. The R35 pictured above has been running a selection of 'Motul' developmental performance oil and continual work together is ongoing.


Alongside servicing, these performance vehicles require a 'Performance Optimisation'. This optimisation is to ensure a multitude of settings are correct and that the wheels are all aligned.

Engine Settings
Being a twin-turbocharged vehicle, each cylinder bank of the R35's engine requires balancing to ensure they are operating in unison. We have the necessary tools to ensure that each side is producing the same level of performance and that your VR38DETT engine is running at its optimum.

Transmission Clutch Settings
Due to the design of the GT-R's clutch and transmission it is important that the adjustment of the shift fork and clutch is completed at regular intervals. We often hear from JDM customers that they have poor shifting issues when traveling a low speeds. This optimisation will improve this.

Wheel Alignment
It is an important practice in Nissan's schedule for a GT-R to be aligned periodically. For this task we use some of the best equipment in the industry from Ravaglioli with their 8x Camera Laser 'Geometry' Alignment tools to ensure settings are perfectly precise. You can find out more information regarding our alignment HERE.

We have all of the required tools and diagnostic equipment here at Severn Valley Motorsport to be able to look after this excellent performance vehicle.





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