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GT-R - Clutch Upgrades

When you increase horsepower and torque in your GT-R you must consider using stronger clutches with more grip and ultimately more 'plates'. The standard clutch is perfectly fine for SVM conversions up to 700R (unless of course you drive your GT-R partiularly hard) but above this, we would recommend upgraded items.

Although we can offer a range of offer a range of clutch options, we prefer to keep things simpler to understand when discussing upgrades, and prefer to operate in a 'level' structure. This means that if you know the horsepower of your GT-R (or you choose to have a GT-R tuned through us) we can ensure we match up the right equipment for you.



The 'Level 1' kit comprises of a 14x plate upgrade kit which continues to use the OEM baskets but contains upgraded steels and friction plates. This is often one of the most popular upgrades due to the fact it can support stock, right up to a Stage 5/750R GT-R conversion.

Additionally, we use only the best Motul Gearbox Oil and then we set-up and clutch learn the components in your GT-R. This level is able to handle GT-R's of power levels approaching 750 horsepower.

(The best choice for GT-R's with between stock, and 750 HP).


The next step up is the 'Level 2' kit which comprises of 16x plates (with Carbon/Kevlar composite friction upgrade with Low MU-V and Heat Transfer, and steels). This option also continues to use the OEM baskets. We also then choose to refresh the gearbox with Motul Gearbox Oil and set-up and clutch learn your GT-R. This level is able to handle GT-R's with power levels over 1000 horsepower.

(The best choice for GT-R's with between stock, and 1000HP).


Further up the scale and you are looking at some seriously strong and powerful clutch kits that can handle GT-R's producing upwards of 1000 HP with 1250HP being it's reliable limit. Our choice for this upgrade is our own 18x plate clutch option.

This option also comes with 'Billet Baskets' which are far stronger than OEM spec items for strength and reliability. When yo uare pushing such extreme levels of horsepower and torque from the engine through to the gearbox you need a clutch system of huge capablity. This SVM level 3 is that.

(The best choice for GT-R's with between stock, and 1250HP).


As we're the tuner of choice for the 'UK's Fastest Quarter-Mile R35 GT-R' we have been trusted with ensuring that the 'drag spec' GT-R's which we create can get their extreme levels of engine power down to the tarmac through the best clutch systems. Today, we can recommend a wide variety of clutches kits so the midly tuned right up to the most extreme applicatins, and we have the knowhow to do build them

(The best choice for GT-R's with between stock, and 1500HP).


Level 5 is the pinnacle of clutch upgrade options available for the Nissan R35 GT-R, and which can support power levels over 1500+ HP. It contains an industry leading amount of friction and steel plates within an extreme duty billet housing and we have fitted multiples of these high specification kits to our 'drag-spec' GT-R's.

Our GT-R's which run these kits are the ones which are often top of the charts at Santa Pod Raceway days and in-part is the reason why we create the 'Quickest Quarter Mile' GT-R conversions available.

(The only choice or GT-R's with over 1500+ Horsepower).





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