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GT-R - Exterior Modifications

Exterior modifications are one of the most popular mods on the Nissan R35 GT-R and we hardly ever see two GT-R's the same here at SVM, it's never very long from the factory until one of these performance vehicles is modified and made more unique. One of the most popular first steps is to replace the OEM wheels with a new set of high-quality rims which will set the vehicle apart from the others. (Pictured below are a set of BBS Aftermarket Alloy wheels fitted to one of our customers GT-R's).


Moving on from alloy wheels is aftermarket styling components from a range of suppliers. We not only create our own bespoke styling options but we also work with KnightRacer, Difflow, R35 Audio and many more for exterior styling products to help our customers create a truly custom R35 GT-R. The grey one pictured in these images is one of our favourite GT-R's and features a wealth of aftermarket styling items.


This vehicle pictured above is fitted with a set of high quality VOLK Racing Alloy Wheels enhancing the look considerably. The also reduce the unsprung weight of the vehicle improving the handling and reducing the overall weight of the vehicle.


The original green monster of a GT-R which hit the streets in the UK back in 2012 was our HULK R35 GT-R... Initially we built him up to a 1000HP specification way and set a R35 quarter mile top speed which is still unbeaten today at 170MPH... From that he was upgraded with bigger turbochargers to a 1200HP speciication and of late has been constructed to a full 1500HP build. This GT-R is the extreme spec demonstrator for Severn Valley Motorsport and also features a big range of performance styling products.
Our HULK in these promotional shots features a complete Knight Racer front bumper, rear bumper and side skirts. It also features an exceptional quality Aeromotions 'Active' rear wing which adjust to increase downforce based on the speed of airflow travel over the wing.


This stunning GT-R is one of our customers which features a plethora of styling parts and contains an engine with power output exceeding 1300HP. It is a real beauty and a beast, beautiful to look at and very unique and is ferociously fast. The bonnet and front splitter is a sourced via Top Racing, the side skirts are fron Knight Racer and the rear side spats are from Difflow. It's a fantastic example of what can be achieved with a use of a range of styling products.
To look further into the our product range of aftermarket alloy wheels and/or exterior modifications please click on the images featured below.

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