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GT-R - Gearbox Upgrades

The standard (GR6) gearbox on the R35 is an excellent system but has a few flaws which become more apparent as the power levels on the car are increased.

An uprated gearbox can make a big difference to the performance of your GT-R and we are able to offer numerous component upgrades within the gearbox from OEM parts to top quality items from such manufacturers as Albins, Dodson, Willall & our own SVM items.


Replacement 'Heavy-Duty' Circlips are a great upgrade and they are possibly the most popular gearbox related upgrades that we fit for the Nissan R35 GT-R.

The standard Cir-Clip is very thin and is not fit for purpose in our opinion. We have seen many cases of them coming off resulting in catastrophic damage when the gearbox has to be replaced. If you tune your GT-R past standard spec or want peace of mind then this is a great upgrade. We have put our Circlips in numerous GT-R's now and although you may read elsewhere that the standard is 'good enough' we have evidence that this really is not the case at all. They are an essential upgrade when increasing power levels. We also choose to have our Cir-Clips manufactured in the UK.


The price for this wise upgrade is £1036.00 (ex VAT) £1295 (inc VAT) - This includes installation, oil change and clutch learn. Give us a call on 01952 583917 to enquire or book in.


As power levels increase, and with the weight of a GT-R being of 1740KG the pressure and torque exerted on the gears is increased tremendously. Because of this, we offer replacements for the OEM items which are far, far stronger. The first step is to replace the 1st Gear and main shaft as this is the one which takes the most abuse, we also offer complete 1st - 6th gear sets, including main and secondary shafts, drop gears and 4WD output shaft. The list of Gearbox upgrades is endless. It all depends on the customers individual budget and the vehicles purpose of use. Prices start from £3000 + VAT and go upwards, please call to discuss you requirements.


We have removed, stripped and rebuilt and upgraded many GT-R (GR6) transmissions over the years and are very experienced at constructing gearboxes with superior strength and quality. We have our own in-house gearbox technician and dedicated build room.

Our SVM 1700R 'drag-spec' GT-R which currently holds the title of "UK's Fastest Nissan R35 GT-R over a Quarter Mile" (May 2016) covers a 60ft distance in 'just' 1.3 seconds and is a testament to our gearbox building expertise.


If you enjoy track days we'd strongly recommend the use of a Radtec Oil Cooler on your GT-R, many SVM tuned cars are fitted with this great item and unlike competitors, our Radtec item is controlled with a thermostat as wel as a manual override. Our kit was developed for us by our long term technical partners and has been tested in numerous environments with great success, including on our Time Attack winning GT-R and on the HULK.

This kit comes complete with a replacement large capacity billet sump, new sump gasket, a Mocal oil pump, Goodridge Braided Lines (with Goodridge heat sleeving and unions), fan assisted oil cooler with wiring loom and relays. This kit requires a small modification to the OEM front bumper to fit and this kit can be fitted to your GT-R right here at SVM.

This oil pump in this kit feeds transmission fluid to the large capacity front mounted oil cooler which is cooled via one of the front bumpers air ducts (usually blocked off) thus ensuring optimum cooling performance.


The price of this item fitted is £2195 (ex VAT) / £2634 (inc VAT) including installation.


Nissan R35 GT-R's are fitted as standard with a magnet which collects small traces of metal as the gearbox/transmission operates. An issue however, is that the standard OEM item from Nissan looses a great deal of its magnetism properties as temperatures rise. Because of this, and the fact that keeping metal debris in the gearbox is to a minimum is imperitive we have developed a replacement magnet with superior strength.

When fitting this item 


Moving even further up the scale, we can supply and fit an SVM Albins Complete Gearbox upgrade with an AX35 unit. These exceptional units are designed with drag racing in mind or where GT-R's are pushing power levels upto and above 2000HP. They are fantastic items, and through working with Albins, we are in a unique position where we can supply and fit these excellent gearbox/transmission replacements for extreme applications.


If you are interested in any of the items above, please call us on 01952 583917 or email us at sales@severnvalleymotorsport.co.uk for latest pricing.




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