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1500R+ Conversion


Builds over 1500 HP require a considerable amount of work, time and modification to achieve strong, reliable power and it involves the use of a number of products that are considered 'the best' in the industry. The time, dedication and quality for this level of 'tune' are considerable and many items are used in the 'Worlds Fastest GT-R's...

In 2015, one of our customers went for the UK record of the 'Quickest' R35 GT-R over a Quarter Mile and smashed it with an 8.3s @ 167 mph whilst at a SVM 1400R specification GT-R. The journey to create this vehicle also put us in a unique position as a tuner to truly push the boundaries of these incredible performance vehicles.

Now however, after further considerably modification, this GT-R in question is between 1600 -1700 HP and quite simply, words are not enough to describe what it feels like to be behind the wheel or in the passenger seat of such a powerful GT-R... it is truly unbelievable. The power delivery is ferocious and the rapid auto gearchanges leave no space to catch a breath from the brutal acceleration... We have had it on a hub dyno capable of handing a proven 1500HP and it constantly kept shutting it down due to the amount of power generated...

To try and put it into some kind of 'real-world' perspective, this SVM tuned GT-R is capable of spinning a full set of R888 track tyres.... in 4th gear.... it is also able to propel itself from 90mph to 120mph in 'just' 1.7 seconds (as confirmed by Syvecs). It really is an outstanding vehicle.

We can also tune GT-R's up to this level of a variety of platforms...

Due to the competitive nature of these builds, we keep the actual components used close to our chest, but we are happy to discuss options as well as providing a quote for this 'level' of tune over the phone and via email.

Please give us a call on: 01952 583917, or alternatively, email us directly at: sales@severnvalleymotorsport.co.uk




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