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800R Conversion


Our 800R conversion includes not only engine components but a plethora of other supporting upgraded modifications. When our builds go above 750R we use only 'the best' forged engine components supported by our relevant clutch kits and gears which can handle the severe levels of power that we can generate, these builds are very bespoke materials used are usually very exotic and from the best in the industry. The end result of this conversion creates a vehicle which will outperform the latest exotic performance vehicles.

We can also tune on a variety of management platforms, Cobb, ECUTek & Syvecs.


  • COBB Accessport Unit (V3) - (Nis 06 / 07 08)
    EcuTEK Tuning Upgrade (Version 5)
    Syvecs Engine Management
  • K&N Large Hi-Flow Cone Filters
    - Superior performance cones and quality over cheap sponge filters.

  • SVM Large-Bore Turbo Compressor Suction Pipes

  • SVM Aurora Intercooler (+Intercooler Pipework)
    - As used in our 1000+ HP builds.
    - Includes Murray Clamps.

  • SVM 1100cc Motorsport Injectors
    - Massive flow improvement over standard OEM injectors.
    - Capable of supporting future SVM upgrades up to 1000 HP
    - Attached to Billet Fuel Rails.

  • SVM Twin Motorsport Fuel Pumps
    - High-Flow & Low Noise

  • Dual 'SVM Spec' Garrett Ball-Bearing Hybrid Turbochargers (Stage 6)
    - Billet Compressor Wheel (Rapid Spool, Lightweight, Improved Aerodynamics).
    - Ball-Bearing (to reduce lag and further improve spool).
    - GT3071 Core Assembly.
    - Genuine Garrett components for superior quality & reliability.
    - Unique 'SVM' turbocharger specification.

  • SVM 3.8L Short Motor - Mega Duty (1200+ HP Capable)
    - Forged Pistons (SVM Spec)
    - Forged Rods (SVM Spec)

  • SVM 80mm MAF Intake Pipes (with MAF housings)
    - Considerable increase in air flow rate to the intakes.

  • SVM 76mm Turbo Downpipes (T304)
    - Heat wrapped for added safety)
  • SVM Stainless Steel 102mm (T304 Y-Pipe)
    - Exceptional build quality and performance.
    - Other tuners often fit only a 76mm Y-Pipe.

  • SVM Stainless Steel 102mm (T304 Exhaust System)
    - Exceptional build quality and performance.
    - Developed 'in-house' at SVM.
    - As used on the 'UK's Fastest Quarter-Mile R35 GT-R (8.3s @ 167mph)
    - Capable of supporting power levels of 'upto' 1500 HP.
  • SVM Engine Cleanse

  • Motul Engine Oil Refresh (with Genuine Nissan Filter Replacement)
    - High Performance 5w40

  • Transmission Upgrade
    - Contains a range of either Albins or PPG components.
    - SVM Circlip Upgrade.
    - SVM 14x Plate Clutch (optional 16x Plate).
    - SVM Modified Clutch baskets.
    - SVM Gearbox Cooler (inc all attachments).
    - SVM Billet Increased capacity sump.
    - SVM Differential Brace.
    - Many other supporting modifications.
  • Drastically Enhanced Engine Performance
    - Increase in Horsepower
    - Increase in Torque

  • Revised Ignition Maps
    - Custom ignition timing.

  • Revised Fueling Maps
    - Enhanced fuelling on WOT.
    - Improved economy on PT (Partial Throttle).

  • Launch Control Map
    - Custom launch control map.

  • Boost Control Options
    - Boost pressure is controllable via steering wheel.

  • Brake Upgrade - SVM High Performance Kit
    - SVM 405mm Front Grooved Brake Discs & Rotors.
    - SVM 380mm Rear Grooved Brake Discs & Rotors.

  • Suspension Upgrade - KW Spring Sleeve Kit
    - Retains OEM damper but adds adjustment.
    - Eibach Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bars.
    - Full Laser Geometry completed.

  • Recharged Air Conditioning & Full Valet
    - Freshly recharged system.
    - Full valet after completion,

  • Full Safety Check and Report

    Price (Fitted)

We are known for building powerful GT-R's which prove themselves time and time again on the tarmac. We are frequent visitors to Santa Pod and you'll often find our GT-R's competing the UK drag racing scene. We don't build powerful GT-R's to be powerful and fast in environmentally controlled dyno rooms... We pride ourselves on building them to be exceptional performers in real-world environments.

Due to the competitive nature of these builds, we keep the actual components used close to our chest, but we are happy to discuss options as well as providing a quote for this 'level' of tune over the phone and via email.

Please give us a call on: 01952 583917, or alternatively, email us directly at: sales@severnvalleymotorsport.co.uk




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