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900R Conversion


Moving upward from SVM 800R is the SVM 900R, we have now built a number of these high powered GT-R's and put simply, anything that is closing in on 1000 horsepower is a monster to be behind the wheel of... They are truly ferocious.

We are also able to tune of a variety of ECU management platforms...


Although the video below depicts a 950R (a 900R with a number of further performance modifications) it helps to showcase the power delivery that an SVM 900+ can develop with rolling boost.

Due to the competitive nature of these builds, we keep the actual components used to ourselves but we are happy to discuss this 'level' of tune with you on serious applications. When performance levels are this high you end up with one seriously powerful GT-R with a ferocious power delivery.

Please give us a call on: 01952 583917, or alternatively, email us directly at: sales@severnvalleymotorsport.co.uk




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