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911 Turbo - Performance Packs

Whatever generation of model of Porsche 911 you have, they are 'fast' cars in standard form, but for those who want to get more from their car, we now offer tuning upgrades for these prestigious and powerful vehicles based on the Cobb Accessport.


The Cobb Accessport that we offer is an easy to use tuning device that changes standard ECU calibration and comes pre-loaded with 'Stage 1' and 'Stage 2' off-the-shelf map as standard which will increase the power output of your Porsche. If however you have any further modifications on your porsche (i.e Air Filters, Exhaust systems) then we can create individual maps which are bespoke and maximise the performance of your car.

We have worked with Cobb for years from the Accessport V1, V2 and now with their current version the V3. We have also throughout this time developed our skills and become of 'Gold Level' Pro tuner status as we have considerable experience with these excellent tuning tools. 


The Porsche 996 has become one of the most popular's 911's and the performance upgrades we offer for them increase performance substantially, The 996 was produced in two forms, a 420 HP version, and a 450HP version with 413 ft/lf and 458 ft/lb of torque respectively. After fitment of a Cobb Accessport these figures will increase considerably and these are shown below.


Stock - 
Porsche (911) 996TT - (420 HP with 413 FT/LB) Torque
Stage 1 -Porsche (911) 996TT - (502 HP with 505 FT/LB) Torque


Stock - Porsche (911) 996TT - (450 HP with 458 FT/LB) Torque
Stage 1 - Porsche (911) 996TT - (528 HP with 525 FT/LB) Torque (Stage 1)

As you can see from the figures, by using a Cobb Accessport, the performance increase is considerable even whilst the vehicle is in the 'OEM' form without any modifications (stock air filters / stock exhaust systems etc). The figures above highlight the amount of power which can be 'unlocked' from these vehicles.
Additionally, the benefit of using one of these tools is that if the vehicle need to go back to standard quickly then you can easily 'reflash' the ECU back to the original map.


The next model created by Porsche was the 997 model (Gen: 1) of the 911 series which from standard is producing almost 500 horsepower (476HP) making it a truly 'fast' vehicle. After we have completed a 'Stage 1' upgrade however power output will jump up to over 520 HP and will immediately enhance how the 911 accelerates and feels to drive.

Porsche (911) Generation 1 - 476 HP with 501 FT/LB Torque (OEM Spec)
Porsche (911) Generation 1 - 523 HP with 546 FT/LB Torque (Stage 1)
Porsche (911) Generation 1 - 556HP with 621 FT/LB Torque (Stage 2) with other supporting modifications (exhaust system, performance filters etc)
Porsche (911) Generation 1 - 580HP+ with 640 FT/LB+ Torque  (Stage 3) with other supporting modifications (exhaust system, performance filters & more...)


Generation 2 of the 997 Turbo brought a revision to its engine and Variable Geometry turbochargers to produce almost 500HP as standard. For those however with one of these incredible performance vehicles who want to push their vehicle that step further we offer multiple stages of tuning.

Standard Version
Porsche (911) Generation 2 - 540 HP with 485 FT/LB Torque
Porsche (911) Generation 2 - 600HP with 528 FT/LB Torque (Stage  1)
Porsche (911) Generation 2 - 621HP with 562 FT/LB Torque (Stage 2) with other supporting modifications (exhaust system, performance filters etc)

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