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Macan - Performance Packs

The Porsche Macan is a premium sports SUV which is not only fast, but it also exceptionally luxurious. Here at SVM with think a lot of the Macan and in either standard form (or modified with a bodykit) they also look excellent. We now offer our own tuning packages based on the Cobb Accessport which can unlock over 40% more power!




Severn Valley Motorsport - Porsche Macan S - 'Stage 1' performance upgrade.

The Porsche Macan 'S' is an already capable sports SUV and we now offer a 'Stage 1' performance tuning pack for this vehicle which will increase power output considerably via Cobb's Accessport tool.

'Maximum Gains' achieved with a 'Stage 1' running 99 / 100 octane fuel is over 40% for both HP and Torque with 'Peak Power Gains' of 14.5% for Horsepower and a 26% increase in Torque which improves performance substantially.

This 'Stage 1' performance upgrade will push the Macan 'S' model past the performance level of the Macan 'GTS' model.

Price (Fitted):

£1062.50 (ex VAT)
£1275.00 (inc VAT)



Additionally to the 'S' model we also offer a 'Stage 1' performance pack for the Macan 'GTS' which further enhances power output. The GTS also benefits from a similar increase in 'Maximum Gain' to that of the 'S' of over 40% in the lower rev range for both Torque and horsepower with 'Peak Gains' being of over 9% in horsepower with a 26% increase in Torque.

Price (Fitted): £1062.50 (ex VAT) / £1275.00 (inc VAT)



The 'Turbo' model is the most powerful version offered by Porsche and with this 'Stage 1' pack power output is increased enormously. It completely changes the sports SUV and brings it into the supercar realms boasting over 560+ horsepower representing an increase in 'Peak Power' of over 20% with a boost in 'Peak Torque' of over 35%! The performance of a Porsche Macan Turbo with the 'Stage 1' Cobb Accessport offering is truly phenomenal and as the price is kept the same as the other models it exceptional bang-for-your-buck.

Price (Fitted): £1062.50 (ex VAT) / £1275.00 (inc VAT)




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