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C63 AMG - Performance Packs

Those who know the C63 AMG know that from factory it is a powerful Mercedes with great performance, and with a few modifications really develops into a fantastic vehicle. What may not be known however is with a few modifications the performance and sound of these great Merc's can be vastly improved.



For our 'Stage 2' package we choose to use the Milltek Non-Resonated (Louder!) secondary cat exhaust system as pure and simply, they sound incredible and gives the C63 a real 'growl' it deserves. Once we have fitted one of these fantastic systems to a C63 alongside our map they really come alive.


Key Features:

  • Improved throttle response (Black Series Throttle Map included)
  • Power output is increased by between 90 - 100HP
  • Milltek Secondary Bypass exhaust system

Price: £1995 fitted (inc VAT)

We recommend turning up your speakers when playing the video below. The video does not highlight how deep the exhaust system change is however but gives a great overall insight into why you should have one fitted to your C63.

Aside from offering performance upgrades for C63's, we also offer a number of styling products HERE




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